Electronic Data Interchange

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange (3PL WMS)

MAVES has been providing affordable and reliable electronic commerce solutions ever since industry standards for EDI have been available. The ViewPoint Logistics suite delivers a full complement of EDI transaction sets and is backed by our dedicated and knowledgeable team of in-house specialists.

A built-in communications manager provides the ability to interact with major Value Added Networks as well as host-to-host. The system manages user-defined schedules for sending/receiving data and logs each communication session.

EDI Management

  • Map non-standard to standard transaction sets
  • Inbound & outbound transaction logging
  • Create client or transaction logging
  • Real-time event logging
  • Exception reporting


  • Scheduled auto-processing can run
    in background
  • System auto-starts in event of service interruption
  • Integrates fully with all other ViewPoint Logistics modules

All this, plus we handle proprietary message formats as well as standard transaction sets.