MyLogistics Client Portal

Client Portal Visibility (3PL WMS)

Clients need a steady flow of quick, accurate and up-to-date information in order to streamline their inventory planning and order processes. Before they commit to doing business, many now look for 3PL service providers who can promise and deliver seamless visibility and direct access to their data.

MyLogistics meets that challenge. It extends the power of ViewPoint Logistics to the 3PL client so they can review stock levels, track inbound and outbound orders, and generate reports based on this information. With our client portal, not only do they see all their data over the web, they can use the same VL analytic tools to optimize inventories, reduce costs, and satisfy their own customer service objectives.

Plus, it is dead simple to set up and maintain. The 3PL host creates a new Trading Partner account for each client who will be using MyLogistics. After that, all other administration is handled at the client level. Clients assign their own passwords, set security levels, and restrict who can access specific menus and data within their account.

Clients are looking for 3PL service providers who can offer this level of support.

Client Portal Reports (3PL WMS)

Product Features

  • Secure web-based browser interface
  • Real time delivery of inbound, outbound and inventory records
  • Drill-down from orders/receipts/ASNs to associated inventory units, and conveyances
  • Sort by carrier and product
  • Query and analyze live data, historical data, or both
  • Take advantage of ViewPoint Logistics business intelligence functionality
  • Generate and export dynamic reports via Excel, PDF, and XML
  • Attract new customers with value-added services, and unprecedented visibility