Transportation Management System

Transportation Management System (3PL TMS)

Rising freight charges have clients looking for 3PL service providers who will reduce their overall shipping and distribution costs while providing better visibility, and more options to maintain maximum supply chain efficiency. Our TMS delivers an integrated solution that can be tailored to your client's needs.

ViewPoint Logistics incorporates transportation management into the warehouse management system to better coordinate multi-carrier shipping and provide a complete end-to-end 3PL supply chain solution.

Shipment Management

  • 360 degree view of all shipments
  • Supports fleet, brokerage and freight consolidation
  • Fully integrated with the Warehouse Management System in VL

Graphical Dispatch Board

  • Customized view of all TMS functions
  • At-a-glance status of asset location
  • View updates in real time

Dispatch System

  • Zone-based delivery tracking
  • Build full & LTL loads
  • Assign drivers to specific equipment
  • Track your drivers & equipment together or separately
  • Allow ad hoc pickups/deliveries on scheduled runs
  • Extensive manifesting tools
  • Identify potential lates
  • Compare rates by carriers and route

Freight Charge Calculator

  • Auto-calculate carrier/service level tariff charges
  • Manage, reconcile charges from inter-line carrier partners
  • Completely configurable rate tables accommodate:
    • Multiple weight breaks
    • Deficit rating
    • Stop-offs
    • Demurrage
  • Consolidated rating by manifest
  • Manage ad hoc freight quotations