Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System (3PL WMS)

Each of your clients depends on you to direct their goods to the right place at the right time in the right condition for the right price. Meeting these requirements is critical to their success and yours. That's why you need a WMS that was designed specifically to help you manage the challenges of multiple clients.

The WMS is central to our full complement of 3PL management products and is seamlessly integrated with the TMS and FMS. It effectively maintains and delivers accurate real-time information on the location, quantities, and status of all goods for all clients (and their customers) at any given time. Clients depend on you, you can depend on MAVES.

Inbound/Receiving and Putaway

  • Built-in appointment scheduler
  • System/operator directed & verified putaway
  • Client and product-specific workflows
  • Client-specific data field

Inventory Management

  • Hold or location adjustments
  • Multi-client product, lot and serial tracking
  • Inventory status reporting
  • Cycle counting & full physical inventory
  • Conveyance and pallet ID tracking
  • Work with gross, net, and catch weights

Outbound Order Management

  • Client & product defined rotation rules
  • Work with deferred & standard orders
  • Split & consolidated (master) orders
  • Cross docking
  • Order status controls
  • Fulfillment


  • Assemble new products from inventory
  • Disassemble items back to inventory
  • Track constituent SKUs & decrement stock
  • Assign & track costs for labor & parts
  • Create & store assembly instructions

Foreign Trade Zone

  • Track all FTZ compliant data
  • Track zone entry number & zone details
  • Annual report generation

Liquor Control

  • Handling of spirits, wine, and beer distribution
  • Manage & record inventory status changes
  • Support for regulatory documentation

Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT)

  • Maintain UN & NA Codes
  • HAZMAT-directed stock location
  • Support for regulatory documentation